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Massages and relaxation

An integral part of healthy life style is besides healthy feeding - sport, relaxation and wellness. The parts of wellness and relaxation therapy are massages. We have prepared a broad range of massages and procedures for you. You can enjoy special relaxation massages or classical massages in the exquisite massage rooms which are the part of our Sauna World and it ´s relaxation area.

Classic sports and reconditioning massages

The classic sports and reconditioning massage is refreshing, relieves fatigue, relaxes the muscles, and stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system – not only for sports people

Full-body massage (back, neck, legs) 50 min. 900 CZK
Partial massage (back, neck) 20 min. 500 CZK
Neck massage 10 min   300 CZK
Leg massage (back of legs) 15 min   300 CZK


Aroma massage

A relaxing massage which soothes the mind as well as the body. The powerful effect is down to the pure natural substances used, such as essences and essential oils.
It boosts the immune system and helps to soothe tension and stress. By choosing the appropriate kinds of essential oils we can ease a number of mental problems.

Full-body aroma massage 
(back, neck, legs)
50 min. 950 CZK
Partial aroma massage
(back, neck)
20 min. 550 CZK
Upon request our specially-trained staff will recommend an essential oil to suit your particular wishes or needs.

Flask massage

A special, traditional well-proven massage focusing on deep relaxation of the muscles and muscular blockages, easing pain and with a detoxification effect. First of all the flasks are used to give a massage and are then applied to the body.

Flask massage (back) 20 min. 400 CZK

Massage with lava stones

This is a combination of special massage techniques which, when used together with hot lava stones, have a powerful therapeutic, relaxing and soothing effect. The massage stimulates the circulation and the lymphatic system. It warms the whole body, helps to remove toxins and balances the energy in the body. It is excellent for relieving back and joint pain. The lava stones accumulate heat very well and help to speed up tissue regeneration. They also give off powerful energy vibrations.

Full-body massage (back, legs) 60 min.  1400 CZK
Partial massage (back) 30 min. 700 CZK



Chocolate massage and pack

A luxury treatment which is excellent for smoothing and beautifying the skin, removing cellulite, eliminating toxins, and relaxing stiff muscles, as well as for promoting general mental well-being and achieving a balanced harmony between the mind and body. After this chocolate massage you’ll feel refreshed, at ease, and relaxed, as chocolate is good at releasing endorphins, happy, too.

Chocolate massage with pack 100 min. 1 650 CZK

Pepper treatment

A relaxing treatment which is great for removing cellulite and cleansing the body of toxins. This procedure is also relaxing and soothing, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and boosts the metabolism.
First of all, the body is given the full peeling treatment, which is followed by a pleasant massage and a pack to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Pepper massage and pack 90 min. 1 600 CZK

Honey massage and pack

The honey massage is an old, well-established method of healing, which takes advantage of the detoxifying and reflex effects of honey in combination with compression massage techniques, rounded off with a honey pack. This removes accretions and toxins from deep within the tissues and revitalises the body as whole.
The honey massage is ideal when you feel exhausted and flaccid from stress, nervous disorders and restlessness.

Honey massage
(and pack)
90 min. 1600 CZK




SLIM program

This program helps to get rid of excess centimetres after just a few sessions. The slimming pack is aimed at shaping the figure around the abdomen and thighs, firms up flaccid skin and supplies it with minerals.

SLIM program 90 min. 1 400 CZK

RELAX program

This program is good for restoring and improving skin tone all over the body and relieving general physical and mental tension. This pack helps to remove toxins from the body, eases muscular fatigue, provides nourishing minerals and helps to cleanse the body.

RELAX program 90 min. 1 400 CZK


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