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Swimming pool & sauna world


Swimming is one of the healthiest sports, and is frequently used as a part of regenerative exercises. Our swimming pool is a hotel type with a relaxing and comfortable water temperature of 28°C. The swimming pool measures 12m x 6m. The new stainless swimming pool is equipped with massage jets and  spouts.
Our water quality is checked regularly – proof of our high-quality water hygiene is that we regularly host baby-swimming courses.


Opening times:

Summer Season – daily          7.00 – 11.30 am   2.00 – 9.30pm
Winter Season – daily            7.00 am – 10.00 pm


Two hydro-massage whirlpools are a part of our swimming-pool complex. This encourages full body regeneration, reduces muscle tension and releases lactacid from muscles, especially after physical training. The whirlpool is equipped with a jet system to massage each muscle group.

Water Temperature: cca 35 °C
Recommended stay: 20 minutes

SAUNA WORLD – during summer open daily from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
                                during  winter open daily from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.


To enter the Sauna World there is a surcharge:   290,-CZK per hotel guest per two hours                                 

The Wellness Centre at the Harmony Club Hotel will satisfy even the most demanding requirements for relaxation. The luxury design, wide range of saunas connected to the relaxation area and Kneipp-way are part of our newly-built SAUNA WORLD which will be beyond your expectations.

Opening hours:
Summer season: daily 4.00 pm - 9.30 pm
Winter season: daily 2 pm – 10  pm

Dry sauna

This is good for healthy people to preserve and reinforce body shape, warm up the body from inside, muscle relaxation, perfuse the epidermis, detoxication and stress release. The cosy atmosphere evokes inner calmness and peace.

Temperature: cca 90 °C
Humidity: cca 20–30 %
Recommended Stay: 5–15 minutes

Tropical Sauna

This is suitable for healthy people to preserve and reinforce the body shape, warm up the body from inside, muscle relaxation, perfuse the epidermis, detoxication and stress release. The pleasant feeling from the sauna stay is augmented by a gentle citrus aroma and bird song. The tropical sauna is a Finnish-style sauna with higher humidity.

Temperature: cca 70 °C
Humidity: cca 35-55 %
Recommended Stay: 10–15 minutes

Eucalyptus Sauna

This is suitable for a gentle, aromatic warm-up of the body with benign influence to the respiration. The cabin comfort is raised with heated seats.

Temperature: cca 40 °C
Humidity: cca 20
Recommended stay: 15 minutes

Steam Room

The steam room with high humidity and lower temperature (maximum 50°C) is suitable for those who do not wish the normal Finnish sauna.

Temperature: cca 40 °C
Humidity: cca 70 %
Recommended stay: 10 minutes

Herbal Sauna

Dosed herbal aroma composed of a mixture of herbs for a beneficial effect on body and mind. The sauna temperature is lower and the comfort is raised with heated seats.

Temperature: cca 45-55 °C
Humidity: cca 40-50 %
Recommended Stay: 10 minutes


The cold and hot water change is typical for Kneipp’s hydrotherapy. The pebbles at the water boxes' bottom massage the feet and blood circulation is improved by a change of cold and hot water. The warm bath helps with respiratory problems; the cold one improves the circulation - it is suitable for chronically cold feet or feet sweating. The cold-hot water change baths improve the circulation of the whole body and protect against vascular system spasm, incipient cold and other health problems.


An essential part of the sauna stay is the final cooling with cold water. You can choose traditional cooling with icy water in a hung bucket or a more conventional cold shower. The “brave ones” can use the cooling pool with the possibility of the cold flush coming out of the designed wave over the pool.


The final relaxation is an essential part of each healthy sauna visit. Our Sauna World has an exquisite relaxation area with sensuous music to help you complete your stay with a final relaxation.