Boulder Harmony

- It is a great space for practicing and rehearsing your climbing skills and also serves as fun for older children

-- The total size of the boulder is 15 x 2.9 meters on a total size of 45 square meters

- Under the wall there is a full-area mattress with a height of 25 cm and mobile mattresses with a height of 10 cm are added in the space, with which it is possible to move according to the need and difficulty of training

- There is also space for push-ups and the whole space is complemented by a horizontal and solid ladder for further fitness training

- The overall profile of the Harmony Boulder is designed for both beginners and advanced climbers

- The whole area is monitored by a camera system

Harmony boulder location

-3rd Floor

There are no snacks in the boulder area, water can be purchased at the reception.

The whole area is guarded by cameras.

Entrance to the bouldering with climbers or without shoes.

A limited number of climbers can be rented at the wellness reception.
The rental price is 80 CZK


Hotel guests: free
Admission is voluntary - right next to the bouldering

Other - non-hotel guests
Entrance through the Wellness reception of the HARMONY hotel

Children: 3–13.9 years - CZK 80
Adults: 14 and over - CZK 100
* Price list for groups: for every 7 paying persons = 1 free of charge

Rules for entry with children
Child: A person aged 3-14; Children under the age of 14 are only allowed on the wall if accompanied by an adult. For safety reasons, 1 adult can take care of a maximum of 7 children under the age of 14. With a higher number of children, it is necessary to increase the number of adults accordingly.
By purchasing an entrance fee, the visitor agrees with the operating rules of the bouldering.
Please, it is necessary to mix the roads after each visit to the boulder. In the event that a major cleaning (use of magnesium, accident - repairs, loose holds) would be necessary after your departure from the boulder, please notify our Wellness Reception

Group Policy
Alerts for larger groups of visitors (such as children with an instructor, etc.):
During exposed times daily, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm , due to capacity reasons, it is only possible to come with a group of more than 3 people by prior arrangement, at 499 469 113 . At the same time, it is necessary to arrange any groups in advance at any time if they want to use our sports grounds for their own commercial purposes.

Thank you for your understanding .

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